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Manifesto for the Educational Revolution

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"The only possible revolution, the only worthwhile revolution, must be created not by politicians or militarists, but by educators. Rimbaud was right when he said that, ' everything we are taught is false'
Henry Miller


Forward by Alasdair Mackenzie
"This is the story of how a child in a Scottish rural community saw the world, the picture of earth-life presented by school and church and received folklore; the widening horizons illumined by questing amateurs and clouded by defensive professionals; a teenagerıs innate and continuing belief that things should make sense confronted with the forbidding incomprehensibility of his mentors in school and university; the sense of wonder and enquiry and hope re-emerging under the stimulus of people throughout the world who this century tried to alter their societyıs set pattern of ideas and to make education intelligible; their widescale failure, in the USSR and the USA and western Europe, to make any appreciable difference to the way children are still everywhere herded and controlled and puzzled and disheartened."

In his conclusion R.F.makes, "One more effort to take the ordering of our thoughts and feelings out of the hands of the priestly rulers, and pool our wisdom and devise a better way of bringing up our children. Altogether, the book could be called a sketch plan or manifesto for the educational revolution."

Manifesto For the Educational Revolution was written in 1980 by R.F. Mackenzie and turned down for publication at the time. Mrs D.C. Mackenzie, wife of R.F., kindly agreed to allow us to publish after it had been found among R.F.ıs papers.

The book has been transcribed directly as read from the original manuscript. In chapter 4 there are pieces of writing in the original that we have not been able to discern. Where these occur we have indicated as much in bold italic writing. These have been minor but we leave you to make your own judgements, not wishing to impose any ideas of our own. You will have to
fill the gaps, something R.F. saw as a preferred option to imposed will.

Download the full book in one file. File size approx:   365kb. The book has been saved in 'Rich Text Format' RTF which is acceptable to all word processors. Either click on the file once downloaded and choose the s/ware you want to view in or open your favourite word processor and import the rtf file.

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For further background and information on R.F.Mackenzie visit a web site, which is dedicated to Braehead School, staff and pupils; at which R.F. was headteacher. There are discussion forums at the web site which can be used by anyone wishing to discuss this book and related issues.

E-mail comments or requests for the book can also be addressed to:-  (e-mail for Alasdair Mackenzie)

We hope you find the work of value and ask if you find it so, to pass on it's availability
to those you think would appreciate reading it.

    'Manifesto for the Educational Revolution'



Chapter one:

The Incomprehensible School

Chapter two:

The Educational Priesthood

Chapter three:

The Ecclesiastical Priesthood

Chapter four:

The Political Priesthood

Chapter five:

An Anatomy of Priestcraft

Chapter six:

Education in Russia – The Defeat of the Revolution

Chapter seven:

Education in the West – The Retreat of the Humanists

Chapter eight:

The Next Leap Forward

Chapter nine:




[chapter 1] [chapter 2] [chapter 3] [chapter 4] [chapter 5] [chapter 6] [chapter 7] [chapter 8] [chapter 9]

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